Boris Mikhailov

Temptation of Death

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Arnold Odermatt

The Biennial Selection. 32 Photographs for Venice 2001

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Guardare l'utopia

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15sepAll Day07decSouth of no NorthIgor Ponti

28sep(sep 28)17:0016feb(feb 16)18:00Marcello Dudovich (1878-1962) Fotografia fra arte e passioneMarcello Dudovich

05octAll Day08decDO NOT DROPWilli Moegle

05oct(oct 5)11:0008dec(dec 8)18:00The HouseKarin Borghouts

05oct(oct 5)11:3008dec(dec 8)18:00Miky Maoys 1Esther Kempf, Laurent Kropf, Alfio Mazzei, Valentina Pini

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00Border SoundscapesPino Musi

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00Crash / Fragments (Toccare un dito con il cielo)Stefano Comensoli, Nicolò Colciago

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00Crash: tra realtà e finzioneMassimo Pacciorini-Job

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00Redbug I Ching Project #01 ChinaLuigi Boccadamo

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00Miky Maoys 2Esther Kempf, Laurent Knopf, Alfio Mazzei, Valentina Pini

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00Natura sospesa (Frequenze)Santiago Carrera

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00We are all going home Aline D’Auria

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00Guarda che ti riguarda / Room portraitsMenno Aden

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00Je t’appelais Seppi, Ich nannte Dich Seppi, Ti chiamavo SeppiJean-Claude Fontana

05oct(oct 5)15:0008dec(dec 8)19:00Crash / ContourFrancesco Maria Gamba

05oct(oct 5)17:3008dec(dec 8)18:00Guardare l'utopia (1a parte)Studenti del Master Fotografia dell’ECAL

05oct(oct 5)18:0008dec(dec 8)18:00Temptation of DeathBoris Mikhailov

06oct(oct 6)10:3008dec(dec 8)18:00The Biennial Selection. 32 Photographs for Venice 2001Arnold Odermatt

06oct(oct 6)12:0008nov(nov 8)18:00Guardare l’Utopia 2a parteECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne Master Photography

08oct18:3008apr18:00Fotografare l’ira. Le distruzioni a Parigi durante la Comune del 1871

10oct(oct 10)18:0007feb(feb 7)19:00Crash / Fragments 26 artisti a confrontoAutori vari

14oct(oct 14)18:3006nov(nov 6)17:30Guarda che ti riguarda / Room portraits (i2a)Menno Aden

19octAll Day21decControl compound: changing of constantsSalvatore Vitale

19oct(oct 19)14:0012jan(jan 12)20:00Country Girls. Una mostra andata in CRASHSabelo Mlangeni

19oct(oct 19)14:0031jul(jul 31)18:00La fotografia un cantiere aperto

19oct(oct 19)14:0015nov(nov 15)20:00Natura sospesaSantiago Carrera

20oct11:00Ex Barrio 26 (Vernissage)

20oct(oct 20)14:0017nov(nov 17)18:00Ex Barrio 26

20oct17:00Mondo PolaroidUn exploit tecnologico, un crash indutriale, un oggetto di culto

27oct(oct 27)15:0012jan(jan 12)18:00Marion Tampon-LajarrietteMarion Tampon-Lajarriette

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Marcello Dudovich (1878-1962) Fotografia fra arte e passione

Fotografie di Marcello Dudovich

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We are all going home

Fotografie di Aline D’Auria

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The House

Fotografie di Karin Borghouts

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Miky Maoys 1

Fotografie di Esther Kempf, Laurent Kropf, Alfio Mazzei, Valentina Pini

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Natura sospesa

Fotografie di Santiago Carrera

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Guarda che ti riguarda. Room portraits

Fotografie di Menno Aden

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Fotografie di Willi Moegle

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Border soundscapes

Fotografie di Pino Musi

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Ex Barrio 26

Fotografie di Gian Paolo Minelli

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Je t’appelais Seppi. Ich nannte dich Seppi. Ti chiamavo Seppi

Fotografie di Jean-Claude Fontana

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South of no North

Fotografie di Igor Ponti

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Fotografie di Piero Martinello

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Dal reportage alla photographic novel

Workshop con Carlos Spottorno

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Temptation of death

Visita della mostra “Temptation of Death”

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near Talk

Elisa Rusca in dialogo con Aline d’Auria, Gian Paolo Minelli, Igor Ponti, Salvatore Vitale

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The Biennial Selection. 32 Photographs for Venice 2001

Visita guidata

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11a Biennale dell'Immagine
5.10 - 8.12.2019

CRASH – a clash, an accident, a fall, a collision, a permanent fracture. CRASH is a thrill, an emotion, fear, pain, death and panic. Having to start over from square one. CRASH is rebirth, hope, liberation, revolution, desire and the stimulus to continue to grow. CRASH is trauma, depression, defeat, a black hole, slipping downwards, into the darkness. CRASH is destruction and construction, stasis and dynamicity, contrast, friction, between past and present, between concreteness and abstraction, spirit and matter.

CRASH is Arnold Odermatt in his flawless police uniform. CRASH is Boris Mikhailov climbing over the gates of the great abandoned crematory in Kiev. CRASH is the young utopians of the ECAL who discover the truth about utopia on Monte Verità. CRASH is all the others, along with their images, be they still or moving, single or multiple, in black and white or in colour. With their spot-on projects, their reasoning perhaps still a little confused yet which will soon become clear. CRASH is a flow of ideas that runs no risk of drying up, one that skids, brakes but then sets off again even faster than before. It’s a fragile yet flexible construction, within which everyone may find their own place and their own point of view. CRASH is photographs, films, words, Polaroids and photographic novels. Time, places, appointments, times and programmes. Two years squeezed into two months. Most of all, CRASH is people who want to express themselves, communicate, speak out, shout out and freak out. Because with CRASH anything can happen, although everyone keeps wondering what kind of world it would be without CRASH.