©ECAL/Anja Karolina Furrer

Utopia is invisible; only utopians can see it. A class of 12 students from the Photography Master at the ECAL/University of Art and Design of Lausanne, in residence at Casa Corti in Pellio, Val d’Intelvi (Italy), elaborated the concepts of utopia and community. Identifying the malaise of a generation trapped in social networks, confused between reality and the virtual sphere, and in need of establishing new values, the group developed a range of different strategies: morning meditation sessions, walks to Monte Generoso, shared meals and discussions to produce photographs and videos which, while gradually shifting away from reality, reach imaginary dimensions that oscillate between utopia and dystopia, figuration and abstraction.

Studenti del Master Fotografia dell’ECAL/
Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne

Emidio Battipaglia, Robin Bervini, Jasmine Deporta, Anja Karolina Furrer, Alessia Gunawan, Christian Harker, Johanna Hullár, Philipp Klak, Doruk Kumkumoğlu, Igor Lucena, Jelly Schuhmacher, Gedvile Tamosiunaite





Piazza dei Colori (Via Soave), Chiasso



5.10 – 8.12.2019